Insurance Reinstatement

Our team of surveyors are well trained in dealing with insurance reinstatement works to eliminate the stress and worry that many people experience following an insurance claim.

Insurance Reinstatement

Expert assistance reinstating buildings

Our team of surveyors have dealt with hundreds of insurance reinstatement projects following a disaster such as a fire, flood, storm or impact damage. It is crucial that these works are coordinated and monitored by a professional surveyor to ensure that your property is restored to the correct standard.

Orsus Surveyors have widespread experience in reinstating all types of buildings, ranging from modern warehouses and retail units through to listed buildings and other heritage properties, and everything in between. We work on behalf of insurers, loss adjusters and brokers, as well as private clients, providing a professional and cost-effective restoration service.

When dealing with your insurance claim, we would carry out the duties listed within our project management section, as well as maintaining a dialogue with the loss adjuster and reporting back to the insured throughout the entire process, from the date of the loss until the completion of the reinstatement. This single point of contact and responsibility offers both loss adjusters and the insured the necessary continuity and simplicity for the duration of the claim. Please get in touch if your building has recently suffered damage and you would like to discuss further.

Our expertise include:

Fire Reinstatement

When a property is damage by fire and smoke, the damage goes further than the eye can see. Heat, smoke and extinguishment water can penetrate the immediate surfaces and subsequently be absorbed into parts of the building fabric. If the necessary areas are not properly exposed and treated, this can result in issues occurring with the building in the future. Reinstatement specifications and schedules of work must allow for establishing the full extent of damage caused by the incident as well as all the repair works required to bring the property to a suitable and safe condition.

Flood & Escape of Water Reinstatement

Water damage can spread far and wide throughout a building and can then become trapped in areas that cannot be seen. It’s important that the property is dried out and sanitised by professionals with the necessary certification provided and all damaged contents items removed before repairs can start. Orsus Surveyors will assist with this stage of the process and once the works are complete, they will also offer advice on future flood protection methods

Orsus Surveyors can provide expert assistance reinstating buildings whatever the insured event, such as storm, impact and other disasters including, explosions and malicious damage.